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American Train Company mini electric tram is designed to look like an old time steam train provides fun for the whole family.  Our electric tram will bring a smile to your face and everyone around it.   As it takes you on a magical journey, or as we like to call it an imagination adventure, of five to seven minutes per ride you will be transported back in time, to the era of the great steam engines.  Sounds of the yester year echo around the train.  An affordable charge of $4.00 will draw families to your location to ride this amazing little electric train.  Young and old will love to experience an imagination adventure.


The basics; Trackless, electric and very maneuverable, the environmentally friendly mini electric tram is powered by an environmentally friendly electric 48-volt motor.  The tram is comprised of a replica of a steam locomotive, coal car, 2 coaches and a caboose that will carry up to 24 children. Adults can also hop on board for an imagination adventure



American Train Company's Friendly Engineers and Conductors

Engineer Al, Magnolia Express, Magnolia Mall, Florence, SC Engineer Alan, Magnolia Express, Magnolia Mall, Florence, SC
Engineer Tim at The Village at Sandhill in Columbia, SC

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